Book It: The Only 10 Travel Apps You Need

We're always looking for ways to streamline our lives. So, it's probably no surprise that there a set of travel apps that we swear by for maximizing our time in certain cities.

From ensuring our packing A-game to managing our personal finances, these apps help us stay connected, share what we see, save moolah, stay entertained, and hit the ground running. 

Download stat if you don't have already!

  1. Whatsappin lieu of texting.
  2. Skypefor when you ever need some face time with your people back home. 
  3. Instagram: to share your experiences, obviously (reserve it for epic pics only!).
  4. Venmo: to send or receive money.
  5. Mint: to manage your travel budget and easily calculate currency exchange rates.
  6. Spotify: for long train rides, flights, or getting ready for a night out. Check our lists if you haven't already!
  7. Triposo: for themed city guides that are available even if you don't have wifi.
  8. Foursquare: for quick, crowd sourced restaurant reccos.  
  9. Google Maps: for navigating truly anywhere. 
  10. Uber: for cruising around town. 

Have a can't-live-without travel app? Go crazy in the comment section below!