Anyone in search of a good time should look no further than Austin, Texas. The "Live Music Capital of the World" and home to the original Whole Foods, Austin is a cross section of computer geeks, granola hipsters, steam punks, college kids, and blue-collar workers. But, even though Austin attracts an eclectic mix of characters, all of the locals share a commitment to  "Keep Austin Weird."

Cultural Prep

Austin is experiencing rapid gentrification and development. Its popularity is catching on like wildfire, so get there while you can still experience the strange mix of people that make it so unique.


The city’s cuisine runs the spectrum from organically fresh goodness to sinfully sweet southern comfort food. Perhaps most known for its exceptional (and rowdy) bar scene on 6th Street, Austin’s restaurants are equally extraordinary (yet surprisingly affordable).  

  1. The Driskill: for breakfast.
  2. Franklin Barbecue: because ya just gotsta...bring beers for the wait. 
  3. Hop Doddy: the Greek burger may bring you closer to God. 
  4. Chi'lantro: for quick BBQ with a Korean inspired take. 
  5. Royers Pie Haven: because, pie. 


It's no secret that you can take your pick of musical festival before heading to Austin. But, even if you can't coordinate your trip with one of them, there are still plenty of tunes to be heard. In fact, there's a place to rock out on just about every corner. Try conquering your hangover as early in the day as possible and head to these chill spots for some killer jams and grub. 

  1. Stubb's: to fill up on a BBQ brunch and listen to live music.
  2. Banger's: to experience a beer hall, Texas-style.
  3. Spend your Sunday at the Continental Club.
  4. The White Horse: to two-step your little heart out.
  5. And the shopping scene on South Congress Ave especially Uncommon Objects. 

Before you go

Re-watch Dazed and Confused because it takes place in a suburb of Austin. And also because a healthy dose of McConaughey never hurt no one.  Alright, alright, alright?


  1. Try this Airbnb on 6th Street for $139/night. 
  2. Or this one in Zilker Park for $89/night.
  3. OR if you're going with a big group stay here in South Austin for $125/night.

Have a reliable recommendation or sweet spot to share? Go crazy in the comments section below!