Close Up: Paris Nightlife

Paris nightlife doesn’t vastly differ from that of New York, I suppose. You have your elusive parties, late-night dance spots, local bars… but there is something wonderfully attractive about the way Parisians party that intrigues me every time I visit. Nights out in Paris tend to be casual and cool with a certain nonchalance, much like Parisians themselves. 

Honestly, one of my fondest nights in recent memory was spent chilling in a restaurant after closing time, eating and drinking and smoking and talking with a foodie crowd. I recently saw this MUNCHIES video, and it was sort of like this. Which makes me adore this video, bien sûr.

We hit some of our favorite spots in our dedicated Paris guide, but here is a whole slew of other addresses we heart too, in case after-hours hanging in a resto isn't in the cards:


Far more my vibe, we’re chatting bars before clubs:

  • Le Fanfaron: Mexican religious paraphernalia, overly dripped candles, and that ever-so-thin layer of beer residue on the floor tip you off the the spot’s near-dive status, and completely relaxed ambiance.
  • Le Perchoir: one of Paris's first rooftop nightlife spots, Le Perchoir delivers a chill feel and superior view of the city.
  • Red House: a little, sort of Americanized bar that has shockingly great cocktails.
  • Lulu White: for when you want to get weird and drink absinthe. 
  • Le Mary Celeste: cocktails, oysters, hip crowd... the works.


I will fully admit that I had an active little club period in college that has, thank god, passed entirely. From time to time there is an event worth the hassle, or I just want to guarantee hours of dancing. Here’s where I’d go in Paris:

  • Le Comptoir Général: is this even a club? It’s more than a bar, has a dance floor, and plays killer jams (and a whole lot more). So, I'd say it’s sort of an experiential pan-African concept dance space?
  • Faust: one of the biggest club openings in recent past, this spot is beneath a bridge along the Seine and has a solid DJ lineup... so....
  • Badaboum: this place makes the cut because while it is a true club in the back, visitors can find respite in a lower-key cocktail bar in the front.

Music Venues

And if concerts are your thing - and I sure hope they are - take a peek at the lineups at:

Have a reliable recommendation or sweet spot to share? Go crazy in the comments section.