My recent trip to Stockholm is a prime example of the opportunistic approach to travel that we are such huge advocates of. A friend found an irresistible roundtrip flight for MLK weekend, and while it wasn't necessarily my top must-see city at the time, a little more research revealed that it was an incredibly cool area chockfull of history, culture, and good food.

Totally manageable in four days time, I was completely charmed by Stockholm's contrast of medieval structures and rich nordic roots, against the sleek, modern design aesthetic Sweden is so well known for. 


Stockholm's food scene is a reflection of its simple and refreshing design sensibility. Fish is a staple and with the city's accessibility to water (it's composed of 14 different Islands), the seafood is fresh and delicious at any price point.

  • Urban Deli: in one of Stockholm's "hipper" areas, Sodermalm, Urban Deli is the perfect stop after a day of shopping. 
  • Pelikan: for traditional Swedish fare; try their meatballs. 
  • Nystekt Strömming: for an affordable bite; their pickled, fried herring wrap can easily take you through two meals. 
  • BAR: for, you guessed it, more great seafood. 
  • The Bishop Arms: An awesome, traditional beer hall in Sodermalm. 


There is no shortage of incredible museums and neighborhoods to get lost in in Stockholm. Here were some favorites:

  • Gamla Stan: The Old City of Stockholm; walking around transports you to another time. 
  • SödermalmStockholm's version of Williamsburg, Sodermalm is chock full of cool vintage and coffee shops. Definitely worth a day exploring. 
  • Östermalm: a more conservative, but breathtaking Island that's close to the city's museum hub. 
  • Modern Museet: because, let's face it, the Swedes sort of KNOW their modern art. 
  • Fotografiska: for some of the most breathtaking and artfully curated photography exhibitions I've ever seen. 
  • Vasa Museet: an incredible museum that houses a 15th century shipwreck that made it one mile into its maiden voyage. 


Have a reliable recommendation or sweet spot to share? Go crazy in the comments section.