Lake Placid, New York

Lots of NYC-ers think the Hudson Valley = Upstate New York. While it is technically north of the city, you'll have a travel a bit further to be legit upstate. To get a taste of that Northeast rustic beauty and clean mountain air, head to Lake Placid for the weekend. 

The town, certainly best known as host of the 1980 Winter Olympics, is a five-hour drive from the city but it's a pretty scenic one, making the trip up almost as enjoyable as the destination. I had the fortune of going with my family and staying at the stunning Mirror Lake Inn, but there are plenty of quaint lake houses for a more affordable stay as well. Here are some of our must-hit addresses:



Ok ok, you're likely thinking, "a night out in Lake Placid? HA." And you're not wrong. This is not the place for a rowdy Saturday, but if grabbing a nightcap is on the agenda, head to these spots:

  • Zig Zags Pub: local dive atmosphere with live music.
  • The Cottage: part of Mirror Lake Inn, come for drinks +/o casual fare served with a solid lake view.
  • Smoke Signals: BBQ restaurant that doubles as a pub.

To Do

  • Loot and Launder: a vintage shop that is also a working laundromat, and has a pet pig.
  • In the warmer months, rent a boat for an afternoon and pack a picnic lunch to bring on board. Check out Placid Boat Rentals for the vessel and Temptations from Lake Placid Gourmet for the vittles. 
  • And if visiting in the winter and you fancy yourself even the slightest bit outdoorsy, be sure to do some skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing. Or just stay in and drink wine by a fire if chilltime is what you crave. We won't judge.

To Stay