Tribeca, Manhattan

Tribeca has a reputation for being home to mostly Lululemon-donning, high-end-stroller-pushing Manhattan moms and preppy dads who typically have some sort of connection to the financial world. Its imposing high-rises and luxury condos can make the area feel cold and a bit unimaginative. But, don't let these completely fool you. My company's office has been down there for a couple of years now, and I for sure have grown a special fondness for the area.

Here are my top picks... 


  • Tiny's: my go-to spot on the rare occasion that I'm able to get out for a sit-down lunch. 
  • The Odeon: for French-inspired diner food. 
  • China Blue: Shanghai grub in a funky, retro space. Try the scallion pancakes. 
  • Terroir: a solid, affordable wine bar.    
  • Mulberry and Vinefor delicious, fast, and super-healthy eats. 


  • Ward III: it's tiny and can get packed, but their cocktails rock and are (the word of the hour) "bespoke" to your liking.
  • Distilled: a larger, equally buzzing bar with solid cocktails.
  • Weather Up: another super-casual cocktail spot with a cozy tin ceiling and plenty of seating.


  • Kaffe 1668: killer coffee spot with picnic tables and a chill downstairs. And Erin and I had one of our very first Carry On To "so what is this thing going to be" chats here.
  • Arcade Bakery: only open on weekdays. Go for bread you will want to make love to. 
  • Takahachi Bakery: for Japanese treats and that Insta-ubiquitous matcha latte. 



Have a reliable recommendation or sweet spot to share? Go crazy in the comments section.