Styuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn


It's only fitting that many of our local trip posts are places that hit close to home, quite literally. I live in Stuyvesant Heights, the historic district within the larger Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, and so very lovingly share the best of my little corner of Brooklyn with you all.


For a leisurely brunch or casual dinner, head to Saraghina. Though they specialize in pizza, I find this resto particularly excels at its non-pizza Italian specialities, so definitely don't discount them. And they make a mean bloody mary. During the warmer months, be sure to ask for a table on their adorable back terrace.

Also, the full-service restaurant has opened a bakery just next-door. The bakery opened the day after I jetted off to Paris for a three-month work stint, so I've not yet tried their products, but I'm equally pumped and terrified re: the implications for my body upon my return. Though presumably I will be well adjusted from an influx in baguette consumption.

Georges-Andre Café is my favorite place to slowly enjoy a steeping hot coffee. The space is funky and retro (reminiscent of the living room from That 70s Show), the people friendly, and the coffee quite delicious. 

*Note: Bread Love, another beloved address, experienced a devastating fire this summer. Keep up with their rebuild efforts here, and definitely do not miss out on their house-baked breads, muffins, pastries, and local grocery items once they re-open! Here's to hoping they find a new home in Stuy Heights.

To Do/See

My go-to grocer in Stuyvesant Heights, Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local, opened its doors in December 2013 after a successful Indiegogo campaign by co-owners Dylan Ricards and Sheila Akbar. The store focuses on stocking local - and often organic - products and produce. And they make solid to-go fresh pressed juices, coffee, sandwiches, and pizzas too.

Though I didn't choose to shack up in Stuy Heights for its "mansions," they're a pretty perk. Walk by Akwaaba Mansion on MacDonough St, and check out the schedule of events (including yoga on various weeknights) at Freebrook Mansion on Stuyvesant Ave.

And be sure to grab some fresh flowers, herbs, or plants to bring home with you from Seasons Nursery and Garden Center on the corner of Stuyvesant Ave. and Macdonough St. It is run by a lovely woman named Deborah, who may just be New York's sweetest soul. 

To Watch

For a mini cultural history lesson, watch Do the Right Thing. Though fictional, this 1989 Spike Lee film sheds some light on historic racial tension in Bed-Stuy. And peep this Beats Music 23-minute documentary celebrating the film's 25th anniversary. 

Have a reliable recommendation or sweet spot to share? Go crazy in the comments section.