Our Favorite July Events

Knowing how to pass your evenings when traveling is hard, obviously. But native New Yorkers feel this confusion too, even as locals. With hundreds of intriguing happenings on any given night, how can one possibly decide how to spend that precious free time? The answer: let someone else do the leg work for you. This is New York City, after all.

We're teaming up with DoNYC - one of our go-to events aggregators - to share the things we're most deeply digging each month. First up: hot, sweaty July:

(*Internal Note: if end up embedding calendar, would only highlight maybe 5 events and add line like, "The below is a sampling of our ultra-faves, but peek at our calendar for a full run-down." And could add in more links back to our DoNYC page, etc once set up.)



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