Think boldly, prepare smartly, pack lightly, and carry on to... 

Travel is transformative. It's pleasure and knowledge, an opportunity to unplug or immerse. Travel makes us citizens of this crazy world we live in, and may just be the best money you'll ever spend. 

But, a busy lifestyle and limited budget can make it seem unattainable for us 20-something ladies. 

At Carry On To, we believe that travel is accessible with a bold attitude, savvy planning, and a nimble mindset.  

Our travel tips and city guides empower the female experience-seeker to go see the world...and still be able to pay her rent.

From what literature to read beforehand to must-visit restos, chill music to under-the-radar shops, Carry On To's curated guides tip you off on how to see a city like a local who knows what's up.


Erin Dahl, 25, is a chill redhead living in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Her job at an international luxury apartment rental company allows her to spend a chunk of the year living in Paris, her favorite city. Donning a casual uniform of all black everything, indulging in an episode (or seven) of Broad City, sipping a glass of whiskey or wine, and whipping up bomb dinners for friends are a few of her favorite things. 


Alex McGinn, 25, resides in Astoria, Queens, by way of The Bronx, by way of Long Island. Though she considers herself a New York broad at heart, escaping the city is always a welcomed adventure. When she's not working in sales marketing for a fashion and lifestyle brand in downtown Manhattan, she spends her free time searching Kayak for deals (and subsequently deleting her ASOS shopping cart), entering half marathons (and occasionally training for them), and making things.

All of our recommendations come from personal experience or fab feedback.

Video by the ever-talented Aaron C. Peer. Music: Never in a Million Years by Apollo Brown

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